Lemons To Lavender provides a confidential and nonjudgmental environment to help you achieve your goals. We help empower individuals, couples, families, and communities through the recovery process. Here, you will receive help to overcome the distrust, shame,  and guilt that arose during active addiction to arrest the disease and experience the joyous life that remission provides. 

You will receive help to understand symptoms of addiction and coping strategies that support a fun and exciting recovery to enhance your quality of life. You will receive confidential, nonjudgmental support to help manage your life transitions. 

Telehealth services are offered, at your request, through a HIPAA-compliant web program. Telehealth services are provided according to your individual insurance plan. Out-of-pocket fees are due at the time of service if your insurance plan does not cover telehealth services.

We have a no-hassle policy through which you will be charged one flat fee of $160 per hour or any part thereof per session. You will never be charged more than your co-pay for services! This means that if your insurance requires that you pay a $15 copay, then you will only be charged $15 per session. There is a $50 out-of-pocket fee for no-show and cancellations within 24 hours.