Various training opportunities are available throughout the year. Training approved by the Connecticut Certification Board will include continuing education units (CEU's) to use toward your credentialing and recredentialing process. Topics offered include:

  • Biological Aspects of Addiction: In this training series, you will explore the biological processes within the disease model of addiction. You will learn substance use disorders negatively impact the brain and body.

  • Biological Aspects of Recovery: In this training series, you will explore biological processes that interrupt the recovery process and how to address them with your current and future clients.

  • Cultural Competence: This training will assist you in understanding the value of culture in the therapeutic setting and the recovery process.

  • Ethics: This training will help identify ethical issues that may arise during therapeutic intervention as well as best case practices to effectively address them.

  • Gender Issues: This training explores transference and counter-transference in the therapeutic relationship as it relates to gender and sexual identity.

  • Parenting in Recovery: This training series provides support to help better understanding parenting issues that arise in the aftermath of addiction. We will also identify effective practices to support effective parenting through the recovery process with consideration given to family preservation, family reunification, and family separation.

  • Prevention: You will be exposed to the various levels of prevention and develop prevention strategies for your community. 

  • Reintegration Issues: This training introduces reintegration issues that may arise for clients returning to the community from incarceration and hospitalization programs. Your will learn effective techniques to support the transition including family engagement throughout the therapeutic process.

  • The Dimensions of Professional Addiction Counseling: This training identifies professional requirements of counselors who support people suffering from substance use disorders.

  • Case Management and Documentation: You will receive training on the importance of legal documentation utilizing strength-based note-taking in DAP and SOAP formats. 

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